Design Philosophy

We have a unique design philosophy where we always try to incorporate an open floor plan. When we design a plan we utilize the open concept to ensure there are good sight lines throughout the house. What this does it makes the floor plan actually feel larger than it is. We accomplish this though wider entries, kitchens that are open to the family room, and by having an unobstructed view from the entry out through the back windows. This also brings the outdoors inside for more light. When you walk through the front door of one of our plans you notice this right away. Another aspect of our designs is we take into account energy efficiency and how to utilize the “low hanging fruit” of energy efficiency. By this we mean window locations and window shading. The majority of energy lost or gained in a home is though the windows and doors. And lastly the biggest aspect of how we design is we listen to our clients. When someone comes to us to design their dream home we do not push our ideas and beliefs on them. This is unlike a lot of other architects and designers. When you hire us we will give you guidance in your home design but we will never tell you what you need. The only person who can do that is you.