All photographs, floor plans, elevations, illustrations on this website, and including the website itself, are owned by Precision Designs and are copyrighted and subject to copyright protection under Federal Law. In regards to the actual working drawings the designs are copyrighted and are subject to copyright protection as an “Architectural Work’ under 17 U.S.C. Sect. 102 known as the Architectural Protection Act of 1990. Unauthorized use of the plans (including form and arrangement of spaces), data, and other aspects of the design will subject the infringer to damages and/or judicial action as proved by Federal Law.

When a set of house plans is purchased. It can only be built once at one address and does not transfer the copyright ownership or any other ownership of the plans to the buyer. If you would like to build the house at more than one address please contact us for a multi-use license and to get a release to do so.