3D House Plan Design

Dallas Architects Precision Designs

In today’s market, why settle for old fashion floor plans for a home that is three dimensional? We can give you a glimpse of what your house will look like once it is built. The floor plan layout, the cabinet colors, the type of flooring, and much, much more. We do this for the price you would normally pay for 2D drawings. Now that you can visualize the plan in 3D, it is much less expensive to change something you don’t like on a computer screen rather than making changes to a framed house.

As you can see from these sample pictures and the virtual walk through video, we can make your ideas come to life! It is one thing to see your house plans flat on a piece of paper; it is another thing entirely to see them in 3 dimensions. With today’s current technology you should not settle for anything less.

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                                                      Craftsman Concept Walk-through